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The "Cold Call Presentations" Myth

Sales professionals, new to selling or business development, might view the opportunity to make a presentation on the spot as a positive event, especially when they learn how hard it is to set a...

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Leveraging Customer Data for Your Business

Your initial goal in business is that people become your customers and buy what you are selling and/or your existing customers buy what you are selling over and over again. You need to capture...

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The Pros And Cons Of Auto Dialer Service

We are today living in a world of extreme competition where thousands of companies are chasing one set of customers over and over again almost with the same products and services. In such a...

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Inbound Call Centre and Longest Delay in Queue

Call centers are one of the most controversial businesses. While some argue about the validity or invalidity of outsourcing as a whole, others are enchanted by the horde of career options, possibilities and opportunities...

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How to Open a Mail Parcel Shipping Store

Consulting services for opening a mail parcel packing and shipping store can be expensive. That’s why we wrote the book in 2002 and of which many have taken advantage. What’s the best way to...

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